TGIF…Smileeeee makes a hectic day lighter

After 40 minutes long wait for his flu vax & my apologies, a patient I’ve seen a few times was cool and very understanding.
“Mine is simple. So now u have caught up with your Time. Anyway I don’t mind waiting as you always have a smile on.”
Awww…he sure made my day!


940pm. I was starting to pack up after finalizing everything when receptionist called to inform that another patient will be coming in 10 minutes time. Is that ok?
I was fine with that. We close at 10 anyway. Just as I was thinking they aren’t turning up already…sharp 10pm in came this 10yo boy with his aunty.

3 days of constipation! No obstructive symptoms. No tummy ache. No fever. And here they are at closing hour…

I was exhausted at the end of a full on week & very hungry. Managed to prevent myself from getting angry though. With a deep breathe, explained patiently. Allayed their concerns while refraining from being ‘hangry’ for spending extra Time at work for something so trivial.


Got my drive – through mcD dinner and headed off for my hot Saturday night date! Awesome that my favorite actor’s movie was playing at the cinema closest to me.

Booked it yesterday & have been excited about it eversince 🙂
Loyalty reward at only $9 at that too! Though I’m always willing to pay to watch Suriya on big screen ><

Time-Travel is the heart of the story – 24. Good effort for Tamil cinema. I enjoyed my late night Friday movie – 1st day last show. Though there were some deja vu.
‘Aayushmaan Bhava’.


Now…all set for my weekend off ahead!
Its gonna be a lovely sunny Saturday tomorrow…preceeding many a rainy day after that. Gonna seize the day, no doubt! 🙂

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