My Heaviest Parcel Ever

Almost equivalent to a newborn baby. I kid you not!

Placed the order online Monday m0rning, and merely 72 hours later, it was at my door! For an additional AUD8.50 S&H fee, all the way from NSW. Niceee….

Finally purchased my copy – almost 1 year after publication! Well packaged…had some crumpled newspaper on top of it too.


The Gold Standard TextBook of Family Medicine – by papa ‘John Murtagh’!

Apparently it is at AUD40 discount of its normal retail price too! Well, well…this was the cheapest I saw online.

I’m sure it would be cheaper in Malaysia. No time for book shopping during my short trips home. I could always courier it to home address there. But not forgetting the space & weight it would take up in my luggage :p

My journey of life-long studying (in a formal textbook manner) continues….

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