I love writing but not essays for official purposes :/

So…looking through and trying to fill up my General Registration application, I was stuck at a few points. Rang up AHPRA to clarify.

Told ya the amount of paperworks for everything in Australia is just phewwww…I’ll grey a few extra strands of hair by the time I complete each step, no doubt :p


The lady on the line was very helpful…and empathetic.

She guided me well. But OMG there are just so many things for this one registration!  AMC certificate is just the tip of iceberg.


The trickiest bit is getting assessment from supervisor. As I spent 2 years working for someone who wrote bullshit letter of termination of employment for some ex colleagues that I didn’t even bother following up on that & threatened to sue me to others after I left
(Knowing me, shouldn’t he know I’d never jump into anything without doing my homework?lol…I even mentioned it in my resignation letter). If anything I and 9 others should sue him and his management for causing wrong billing under our names and yet to reclaim and pay most of us 6 months after we settled he payment with Medicare!


So told myself not to emo. Worse case scenario I’ll have to pay my lawyer to draft a letter to AHPRA that would see me through general registration. As we know, lawyers’ fees are no joke.


Spoke to the lovely lady at AHPRA & told her due to personal reasons I changed employers with Immigration and AHPRA both granting me approvals. Ex are just nasty people that I do not wish to deal with, let alone beg for a supporting letter to certify my supervision period.

She was very understanding.
“Look” she said,  “AHPRA doesn’t bother about employment terms,  your contract or pay. I am so sorry you had a rough start as an IMG in Australia and for 2 years too! You just have to write us a letter explaining your circumstances & any evidence you worked that 2 years at a satisfactory level.”

“Not always but every now and then we do come across people in your situation. As for people like your ex employer, over time they will come to the highlight and people will stop being employed by them. And they will have to answer someday”.

I just said “Karma!”

The lovely lady, “Indeed. I always say that…I believe in Karma too. But it is always good to hear from someone else”.

“So just do all the things I told you. As long as there are enough supporting documents, there is no reason for your application to be rejected. I feel sorry you have to do all that extras but wish you more success in your career starting from this application”.


Well yeah! The day I left them was the day I made the best ever decision – for the second time since moving to Down Under!  ๐Ÿ™‚

What a heartwarming conversation with a stranger ๐Ÿ™‚ At 440pm…20 minutes before ending her workday she patiently handled my questions. Perfect customer service!


Too much of negativity having had thoughts about past…but more motivated to retrieve the money the buggers owe me! !

P.S: Need to wash away the negativity by giving thanks for what lovely people I work for now ๐Ÿ™‚
That’s a story for my next entry…

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