The Paper Chase…Literally!

One of the rare sunny Beautiful winter days 😀 Good day for a train + walking trip.

1127H : Alighted Parliament station.
*Such a deja vu moment – Rushing up the escalator here…reminded me of Winter 2012 🙂 Rushing for our classes at Spring St.

1132H : Reached AHPRA office.
*2 minutes earlier than Google map’s prediction. Oh yeah I walk like I’m running, at times. I had to wait for 2 lights…mind you :p

1140H : Mission accomplished.

Collected the Paper I was chasing!!


This almost completes Goal#1 which I started working for in July 2012.

Signed the collection paper.
Got a certified copy of the certificate.
Collected a copy of the CORRECT application form for General Registration application.

This means NOW I’m a fully accredited medical practitioner as per Australian standard! Yeayyyyy FINALLY!

Believe it or not, as frill free as this certificate is, IT MEANS MORE TO ME THAN MY MBBS Certificate earned in May 2007!

Unfortunately I lost my original and had to get a reprint amidst shifting and attending some interviews few years ago. Should anyone lose the AMC certificate, sorry dude no replacements available! 😮


The materials procured in this super short trip

Just outside the 111 Bourke St building, grabbed a chic+avo sandwich & a cappuccino.

Rushed to catch my 1205 Cranbourne!

1155H : I was already at Platform 2, Parliament station…and there comes the Pakenham train. Too bad my car is parked on the other line’s station.
10minutes of R&R to catch my breath & sip some (now not so) hot coffee.

Now on my train ride home to collect my car and proceed to work….I’m realizing this is my solo quickest trip to the city.
Would be perfect timing to get to my car which is at a 3P parking across the road from a train station in between home & clinic.


Today’s literal paper chase has come to an end. Phew…

But unfortunately the paper chase in life doesn’t end here…Lifelong learning remember.
As for the immediate future…time for more paperworks : to get the ultimate certificate from AHPRA this time – the General Certificate.
Repeat – Applications…
soon soon 🙂
The best part is subsequent years I’ll be renewing my annual registrations online 😀

The amount of humiliation and trauma the asshole of my ex boss inflicted upon me 2 years in a row during assessment for yearly renewal of registrations :@ – with falsehoods and insults!  My darkest moments are far behind me now! It has been since the day I left them as my past-tense.

My only appreciation towards them is for my first job in Australia – for which I have sacrificed 2 years plus of peace of mind, emotional and mental health & personal life. Have paid off more than my due there.

Besides the fact that management still owes me some of my hardearned money….I’m done with them!!

Blessed I am to have found some gem of people while working there _/\_


I was aiming for these papers 1 year ago in my timeline…but well well due to unforeseen circumstance, my preparation was inadequate and I only secured a retest at my first attempt of clinical examination – which I cleared almost 1 year later…Finally!  🙂

Might have taken longer than I planned. But all in God’s good time 🙂
Thankful for all those who have played a part in this journey. Those God-sent Angels in human disguise,  you guys near & far know who you are! :* XOXO

Oh dear I’m exhausted already…signs of aging?
1400H : Work begins…

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2 Responses to The Paper Chase…Literally!

  1. mvn says:

    hi doctor its really nice of u to share your experience and give us an insight of working life there, thank you. would like to ask your advise on preparation for the amc part 1. wht would u suggest?

    • drvolcanoe says:

      Hi mvn…thank you for your kind words. I’m currently writing on IMGs Road to Australia in parts. Next up is the post on AMC Part 1. Might take a few days for me to publish it though. Stay tuned

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