What I would have advised myself 3 years ago – Working in Australian GP setting

I started off wanting to write on pathways for IMG (international medical graduates) in Australia, but I have to get this weight off my chest today.

Do feel free to share this on, as this is actually a humble plea from an ex-victim.


One thing I learnt from observing my dad all these years….HELP OTHERS, as much as you can. Without any expectations. I have seen dad even going out of his way to help people in many areas.

And after all these years in Medicine, I realize more and more the true meaning of Primum non nocere (Latin for ‘First, do no harm’). That is in line with Ahimsa too.

I realized today that keeping quiet about something and letting more people get sucked into quicksand would be against those principles!

These are things I wish someone would have told me about in 2012….or even 2013…

This post is mainly a community service message to Malaysian doctors seeking greener pasture (especially GP position) in Ozzieland. All that glitters is not gold.


First advice about job offers especially if via agent or GP clinics : TRUST NO ONE!
Not even your good friend you have known for years. Some people ‘sell’ you to the ultimate bussinessman, all for money. And they do not care about your welfare when you are bullied, instead would belittle you when you voice out issues & will tell you something along like of bersyukurlah (be grateful) for a first job here & support (read as : suck up to) boss. roll eyes
They might be treated well, but not others – not the majority, not you! When the ‘agent’ knows the harsh reality that most people they recommended were mistreated & yet set on to recruit more and more hopeful people, there can only be one reason…

Next Step:
Survey the clinic/organization yourself, do an observership, speak to all kinda people working there, assess their happiness index & the internal affairs of that work environment & then decide.

My only wish is that nobody else has to go through the hell that me & my friends went through – bullied  by a fellow countryman.
(These are all coming from someone who has been there & done that)


When I spoke to a registration officer some time ago about the tricky aspect for my general registration application in view of my change in employment, even she was shocked yet very sympathetic. Repeatedly saying things along the line of, “I’m sorry you had a rough start here. There are many clinics which underpay doctors or have contract issues, but that shouldn’t be the way. Wish you the best in the upcoming years”.

Yes, It Should NoT!


Warning: Stumbled across (and verified) info the same shit-hole of a place that sucked my life away for my first 2 years here is trying to recruit innocent FRACGP-ATP holders or Part 1 AMC holders (from Malaysia). The middleman in Malaysia is clueless about the practice of course, thinking they are helping more Malaysian doctors to secure an Ozzie job!
It has been very disturbing. By the same ‘agent’ who roped me and other unsuspecting friends in! After witnessing all that we Malaysians went through, how dare!
It makes my blood boil :@

How promising and enticing, Nah!?? Think again. My friendly warning is refrain from responding to this advert or anything else from the same clinic/management.

Special advice especially to Malaysians, as bad as things are back home & you might be desperate to hop over, it is better to wait and secure a good job with good bosses rather than jump into the first opportunity.

As cliche as it sounds, the grass isn’t always greener on the other side.


With all the legal advice I received, the only reason I didn’t proceed to sue them, despite the fact they landed me into trouble with medicare, and still owe me money is I still have good friends working there & that tinge of gratefulness for a first job there (inborn error of nice-girl in me). And those are the same reasons my other ex-colleagues who left the place didn’t either, I am sure.
And the irony is without knowing legal facts, the boss walked around a couple of months threatening to sue me, to intimidate others, especially my friends who remained there still >< LOL.
For the records, 3 other doctors resigned within months later.

Quality of life, work life balance, drama-free lifestyle : I’m sure that is what most of us aspire for in relocating, leaving family and the familiarity far behind.

As a good Samaritan, my advice to fellow brethrens from my medical profession : Do not sign up for a job offer from them if you want a pleasant life as a GP in Australia. You might as well sign up your life to the devil, and I am NOT exaggerating. There are politics everywhere, but this management/clinic is at a different level!


If you came across the offer, saw this warning, and still proceed with it – God save you! Don’t say you weren’t warned.

Enough said. I rest my case!

P.S: I am not saying all this as a sour-puss or in a jilted-lover fashion, as I was the one who broke-up with them. I do not harbour even an ounce of regret for that, if anything, wish I respected myself enough to have left sooner! I was too much of a nice girl for far too long…

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6 Responses to What I would have advised myself 3 years ago – Working in Australian GP setting

  1. Ranjitha says:

    Hi, I came across your blog whilst looking for GP jobs in Australia. I’m a Malaysian MO. I actually went for the interview for this Melbourne job! Now am a bit worried after reading of your work experiences. Can you please let me know a bit more about what went wrong. Thanks!

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