2015 in Reflection : What is The Price to Pay…?

Edited version, as an explanation to my previous post dated 5th July 2016 – What I would have advised myself 3 years ago – Working in Australian GP setting

Mad Med Journey

Flight – Checked
Hotel – Checked
Tour – Checked
Airtrain – Checked
Airport parking – Checked
Things to do in the city (where I will be ushering in 2016) – Pending…

But as I am planning  my interstate trip for 2015/16, I am reminded of my state of mind during my last interstate trip in Australia – August/September 2014 to Sydney – Horrible! I will admit it, I was depressed and down in the dumps.
If not for some support network in the form of amazingly kind good people who I’m blessed to have as my friends, I wouldn’t have survived that storm. As that was when my ‘inner strength’, which is my strong point, completely eroded and became ashes…for a day at least – until I sought peace and balance at the banks of the Mornington Peninsular beaches – at least to stop feeling hopeless, and attain a zombie state!


Today, I…

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