TGIF! Why I stayed back for more than 1 hour for the first time….

​…in this particular job at this clinic. 

Early last year I decided to spend that extra 1 minute per patient to complete my notes instead of staying back (for hours) completing them & sacrificing your time to write down things (most of which you can’t recall with a 100% accuracy)!

Templates to the rescue! 🙂

Completing your work & leaving on time is my definition of efficiency. And then there was today…


Some days at work start out seemingly boring and slow paced and then wham!! It becomes the first time you leave work >1 hour later! 

1. A  patient who tampered with your script (how foolish you feel about feeling for her story of recently deceased 58yo mom due to heart attack) and tried to get 100tabs of Catapress when she has just purchased it 5days ago (which was apparently when her mom died – last weekend)….

2. A patient whoz regular GP’s day off today & has been coming few times this week…treated as cervicogenic headache…but comes complaining of vomiting for the first time but justifies it is due to the pain he has & wants to know why he wasn’t given a steroid injection into neck? *scratch head* Amazing how when I’m trying to even figure out the chronology of events and his current medications and differentials for the vomiting and suggesting my plans but patient and partner wants to know why someone else didn’t do what they expect (it wasn’t even something I suggested)!

3. A missed booking so spent part of my supposed break trying to do my best to service my patient until I realized I can’t cut and paste and update the work cover certificate so stayed back retyping everything manually….poor patient actually dropped by again 2hours later but at wrong timing that I had to tell her I wouldn’t want to keep her waiting but the papers will await her for collection anytime tomorrow….

4. A walk in patient I asked to come back in 2hours time for implanon removal and reinsertion (I planned for just after my break when I had quiet a few empty slots) but not only was she 10minutes late, another 2 patients came around same time as her…luckily the rod came out without much fuss

5. That last hour when I was the only doctor on duty, an urgent result call from lab that Serum Troponin was sky high! I’ve never seen this patient before but he presented earlier today and was seen by anther doctor. Not only did I have to convince the diabetic patient and his wife on phone to go to hospital…but when the son popped by to collect my referral letter, he too was like “I don’t think he will go to hospital tonight he is perfectly fine now”. I had no choice but to say “He might get the pain again and it can be too late. There is risk of dying in sleep too”. Nasty? I had no choice. 
All these while having patients waiting for >30 minutes already. And more patients registering. 

And did I mention the computer screen that went blank (of course when it was super busy)! Lucky it didn’t take too long to reboot.


Anyone thinks being a GP is boring? 

Think again. It is just full of surprises as you don’t know what conundrum the next person whom you invite into your consultation room (or the next telephone call you answer) might present with. 


At the end of the day it is knowing you have given your best possible in the time you had, with the resources available & to the best of your capability…#allinadayzwork

Cheers to my weekend off ahead. I’m gonna savour each and every bit of it. Toooooooo well deserved after a busy with that ended with such an eventful day! 

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