Why do I blog my experience & share?

One post…various effects. As Mad Med Journey turns 3 years old, interesting series of events unfolded.

Yesterday, I received a threatening series of messages on facebook! How unprofessional! Siapa makan cili, dia rasa pedas.

For the uninitiated, as stated under the ‘Welcome :)’ heading of my blog’s:

My Author Policy: 

– All stories mentioned and people quoted in my blog are NOT fictitious. In other words, TRUE STORIES, of TRUE PEOPLE. If in any way the reader is offended, kindly alert me.
The people mentioned either exist somewhere out there, or once did. Others may have been inspired my stories – mostly yet to come. :)

…all it would have taken would be to have dropped me a message on my blog, a courteous one, maybe? How easily some people spoil their own reputation!

I responded, didn’t react. I was truly sorry for the oversight on my part, rectified it & replied so – professionalism πŸ™‚ I know I was the better person in that interaction. #humblebrag
Seems like I learnt something out of the cockroach theory afterall πŸ™‚

But seriously, dude!! ><  I am above petty gangsta-like threats!
shake heads+roll eyes

Today, I am surprised at the serendipity of a stranger who attended that very advertised interview, who stumbled upon my very same post.


To those friends who wanted to verify information to warn their friends, I appreciate the communications we exchanged. Friends who messaged me kind words after discovering the horrible truth on my first couple of years of working life here…you taking time to drop a few words meant a lot to me – THANK YOU! :*

To the ‘snitch’/ ‘mole’ who categorize yourselves as my friend (you are a disgrace to this word) & to backstabbers, please do me a huge favour and remove yourselves from my friend’s list.
Million thanx. You will not be missed.

I have been showered with rains of blessings in the form of lovely, unselfish, helpful people throughout my journey in starting off here, and now in establishing myself & expanding my circle of friends in this country. From my friend’s family, especially her sister & bro-in-law (to whom I was almost a stranger back then) who accommodated me, to the many senior couples/uncles/aunties (none of whom are blood relos to me, but dear friends) who are well settled in Melbourne, some for over 2-3 decades now…I hear the same thing.
Help others (who want to come here)!
Nobody had it easy when first trying their luck in a foreign land.

So, I am one of the ‘smart’ ones….aspiring to create ‘wise’ people, based on my experience :p


To friends who have communicated about pathway to GP setting here, or landing a job in Australia….and especially if I have recommended any contacts, please remember one thing. I DO NOT get a single penny, nor will I stoop down to ‘sell’ my fellow countrymen to someone.
I am NOT an agent (who’s job is to help jobhunters or folks seeking migration), nor a pseudo-agent (those who unofficially get what is most likely a tax-free ‘cut’).
I am just another licensed medical practitioner…

I do try to address every question/email/facebook-message/whatsapp message from fellow brethren from medical profession about the pathway to working in Australia – except from people who might have been ‘blind’ to me when we have crossed paths in person. Because in their eyes, I was a nobody? ><
The minute they realize I am already working in Australia, the number of people who suddenly ‘see’ you! Such hypocrites…Give me a break, mate!
Still I’ve shared my links.


I  promised a good number of people who have facebook messaged me (both friends & strangers) posts on details of working in Australia…will try to deliver those post asap ya. Unfortunately one well researched write up was accidentally deleted 😦

I owe nobody…do not get paid for anything other than the honest job that I do providing my professional medical service to patients…there have been instances when I do not even get a reply when I take the trouble to reply an enquiring message (speak of common courtesy – a rarity uh)…yet I choose to continue writing (now and then) to reach out to whoever that may come across my blog posts – even if it benefits one person, it is worth it for me! πŸ™‚
That knowledge alone suffices – the kind of satisfaction no amount of money can buy!


So, I blog about my experiences of working in Australia…Not to seek fame, nor pity. Not to tarnish anyone’s reputation. Definitely not because I am jobless!

I share because it is my way of paying it forward…just my way of giving back, especially to family and friends who might want to tread similar path that I myself & my predecessors have – daring to venture on the road less travelled.

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2 Responses to Why do I blog my experience & share?

  1. briga says:

    hey Dr Volcano,
    ive had great pleasure to read about your musings in Australia.
    thanks for all the write up throughout your journey,
    and kudos to you for keeping the faith thru the upheavals.

    wish you all the best in all ya undertakings.


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