Medical Mythbusters Malaysia

Quoting a star article, “When you are feeling strange, who are you going to call?…Not Ghostbusters…but M3”.

Here is the article.

Very aptly named…led by a team of (ever growing I believe) Malaysian Medical Doctors (both specialists and medical officers) these guys are Crusaders!

I remember when there was an opinion poll to vote for the name for this foundation, I liked this the best…coz it reflects their mission very aptly.

With the rise of anti vaccine groups, home water birthing led by unqualified doulas leading to potentially more mortalities and morbidities, magic/miracle tablets and water, doctor/hospital staff bashing…just name it! M3 is all set to Bust all these myths and more.


Here is the M3 facebook page, accessible to public.

Visit them.

Like their page.

Spread the message via your own social media account.

When in doubt (probable medical myths), shoot M3 a message.

What can you ask them though?  If you notice anything related to the medical field that sounds strange on funny or is going viral without any backup data (research plays an important role before any medicine is released for mass use – Did you know that? )…yup Ask M3!
Word of caution though, these medical doctors at M3 are not there do not dish out medical advice individually so please don’t use the platform as a way to cut down time and cost of that trip to your local GP. 


Once upon a time it was only the roadside peddlers and probably the uninformed less educated people who were into strange businesses that would make doctors cringe. But in this era of technology and social media boom, the ‘educated’ create more trouble by viralling unvouched for alternative treatment methods or condemning modern medicine.

It is high time doctors themselves form a united from to combat this phenomenon.

I’m impressed with the well researched way with citations of sources questions are tackled by the M3 team. Keep it up, comrades! pat on your backs

P.S: I wasn’t paid to write this (neither are those forming M3 to do what they are doing in spite of their busy daily grind). Just promoting this site as I’m all for their noble efforts! 

Go Ghostbusters!! Oooppsss….Medical Mythbusters Malaysia (M3)! 😉

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2 Responses to Medical Mythbusters Malaysia

  1. Thanks Dr Volcanoe.

    Maybe we’ll branch out & created MEDICAL MYTHBUSTERS OZ. Haha…
    We’ve been quite a lot in BM, but with the addition of new members, we will try to be more bilingual for a International approach.

    Thanks again

    Dr Ahmad Firdaus,
    Medical Mythbusters Malaysia

    • drvolcanoe says:

      You are welcome, Dr AF. Nice idea…baby steps.
      Patient education is more accessible here, trying to do my share of myth-busting in my consultation rooms for now. Not to yours & M3 level la…haha.
      A lot of people here get their kids vaccinated so they don’t lose out on their centrelink payment – at least we are achieving the heard immunity target that way.

      But nice idea there, over time M3 can definitely form sister group at International range. My best wishes!

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