Getting Started – of AMC forms, EICS & English test

PART 2 of my IMG’s Road to Australia series

<< PART 1 : General Introduction

Now that we have clarified the jargons in Part 1, what is the first thing an aspiring IMG in Australia should do?
Firstly I’d like to warn you that the paperworks  at each step may seem like the neverending story itself, but for the time and money spent in each step, it will be all worth it years down the road when you have realized your ambition of working in Australia as a Medical Doctor. This isn’t for the faint-hearted. I too hate paperworks, but well well…no pain, no gain!

Back to our topic:

1. AMC website

Go to AMC website – Assessment Pathways

This will be your best friend until the day you clear not only MCQ, but clinicals too!

Self check which pathway is the most appropriate for your situation at Self-check to determine pathway.

Your postgraduate medical school should be in the list of eligible schools as recognized by AMC in order for you to apply for AMC.

Does your medical school appears in the drop down list of the country where you did your undergraduate studies? CONGRATULATIONS!
They do constantly update these, which I believe is made up of accredited institutions providing a primary medical degree by their respective countries, or under the international accreditation board.


Which brings us to the Next Step.

2. EICS verification of your MBBS/MD (Primary Medical Degree)

You need to get EICS verification. EICS will directly submit the verification document to AMC, if memory serves me right.
Even if you are a specialist, I’m sure you need this done still. I may be wrong though.

Apply for your AMC Candidate Number by filling up all the AMC assessment forms .
All the forms needs to be certified as per AMC requirements. Please read carefully, especially if you are overseas.

Something as silly as getting a Commisioner of Oath to verify something that is only to be verified by the Justice of Peace when you are overseas, might see your documents getting rejected & needs resubmission. Bottomline is READ CAREFULLY! 🙂



As per AHPRA requirements, you need to have met the minimal requirement of your selected English Language Proficiency. There are cases when the board might grant you an exemption if you have practiced in certain countries, etc etc. Please check.
But for majority of us who are not from countries with English as a first language, we need to undergo one of the AHPRA accredited English tests.

Quoting from AHPRA’s site:

About the English language skills test

For more information about the tests, please refer to the provider’s website.

Most if them have preparatory courses, if you need one. Melbourne is home to OET courses.
As per my knowledge, IELTS, OET & Pearson have exam centres in Melbourne.

I took my IELTS in Kuala Lumpur.

Sorry I am not personally familiar with the other forms of Engish skills test, so do refer to the individual links above, yeah!

For those looking at IELTS-Australian requirement, I’ll share some tips.
Valid for 2 years.
You need a minimum Band Score of 7 on the Academic Module, to practice as a professional here. Your friends who are seeking migration for PR, not under a skilled-migrant/professional category might only need to clear the General Module.

If you change your mind to try your luck in Canada or the UK, IELTS is accepted there too:)


Now to those of you who have rocked and rolled in English your whole life, this will be a piece of cake. But don’t be surprised that due to some silly mistakes, some people have failed to make the cut-off mark for any of the 4 categories, and have to resit the whole test.
Fail to plan, plan to fail indeed.
Know your test!
Learn the format, time allocated for each category, and nitty-gritty important details about the test.
Wouldn’t hurt to try some samples. Just google it, visit, or walk into the closest leading bookstore.


I have come across some who feel their English isn’t good. But, they prepare themselves. Get some help in your preparation. Enrol for a course. Or, find a good IELTS sample question book (from the many that line up the bookstores) with CDs in them. I have come across online courses, and books too.

Now, please take note of the 2 year validity for IELTS.
There have been cases of people who take the test too early, and due to one reason or another (unexpected turn that delays their plan to pursue the road to Australia, fail AMC exam, delay in obtaining AHPRA registration for whatever reason) to find out it has been 2 years & the validity of their IELTS results has lapsed – Oooopsieee…

And then there are cases of people performing very well the first time, take it for granted as “Ahhhh its just an English test!”  and flunk it (actually, fail to make the cut for the minimum requirement for each category) & although they have passed AMC part 1…or even part 2 with flying colours, they face roadblocks in the form of – English Language Proficiency : Pending-

Next up – Part 3 : AMC MCQ 
Link to Frequently Used Terms/ Acronyms

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