Jeans for Genes Day

The first Friday of August. 

A fundraising drive towards children’s medical research in Australia. As the name suggests, it is for genetic research study. All further details available in their official website here. What is Jeans for Genes?

When I first came across this, thought to myself what a fun way of doing it for children’s cause…always had a soft spot for kiddos. 

There are official merchandises for sale. From keychains to badges to wristbands…just name it.

One of the official merchandises from Jeans for Genes

So finally Friday the 5th arrived šŸ™‚

Everyone at work had one dress code, special uniform just for today! The team was just in a more upbeat mode than ever this Friday. Well well…coming to work in jeans/denim, even double denim as I myself chose to, or funky hats & wigs definitely gives an aura of lightness! Although I assure you we were as diligent as ever when it came to work. 

Some patients were baffled & asking if we are celebrating something…but overall, everyone enjoyed the day.

Especially the kids, no doubt!

One of the funky balloon-hats

So, if you are feeling generous, reach deep into your credit card or via PayPal account and make a donation (tax deductible if more than AUD2) on the official website for Jeans for Genes donation. You can do it as an individual or contribute to an organization that has already signed up for it. 


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