I remember that square piece of paper stuck to the entrance of house to mark that census has been taken at this address.

A 5 yearly affair if memory serves me right. 

That was in Malaysia.


I completed mine online last Friday.

I’m glad I noticed the government stamp on the letter addressed to ‘The Resident’, instead of tossing it into the recycle bin, thinking it was some junk mail :p

Thanks to my friend who told me that it can be done in advance! The questions  made me realize we were to answer as on the status on the night or 9th August 2016, census night! 

Details of each person residing at the address, including visitors are enquired on. 

How convenient to complete everything via mouse clicks. You can even save it and resume later from where you stopped. 

For those who prefer paper version, one can request from the Department of Statistics. 

What happens if you can’t complete it by tomorrow night? A grace period is given until mid September, after which there is a daily fine which goes on until the completed census is submitted. 

Nope, I’m not kidding! And if you give false information, AUD1,800 fine heads your way. 

Ask LH: Will I Really Be Fined For Not Completing The Australian Census?

So, if you haven’t completed your census yet,  remember. ..today, 9th August is census night. 

I’ve done my part as a resident…have you? 

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