Gift Card…GP special

Not my birthday, nor any special occasion….but I received a $250 worth of preloaded Gift (Debit) Card promptly posted to me at clinic address today! 

Definitely the highlight of my day. 

Not from patient or drug companies. And definitely not a bribe! 😮

  • Healthshare Technology Grant Healthshare Technology Grant

The caption says it all!

Having consistently used patient fact sheets to educate my patients – which I have been already doing from multiple sources….this is a Technology Grant from Healthshare.  Call it a once-off reward for using this avenue consistently to educate my patients. 

It is definitely convenient to have one website to obtain patient information/ education material from various topics to arm my dear patients with more information. The site also has some other attractions like Find a Practitioner (by name, specialty or location) & opportunity to earn QICPD points (which I’ve aplenty already for this triennium).

So if you are an Australian GP and love handing out patient education material, why not give it a go? Just sign up on the link above for a 15 minute telephone training and start using them. 

Thanx to my clinic who introduced to it and to Healthshare. 

Cheers for Patient Education! 🙂

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