Adrenaline Rush filled weekend…of Olympics badminton and Fits

Woke up feeling a void. Can’t help but feel a tad disappointed that Gold eluded Malaysia in Olympics, a case of so near yet so far? Hmmm. But then again it united Malaysians. Not only surpassing political, race & religious differences…but with no geographical barrier as not only those in Malaysia…but Malaysians from all over the world were cheering along with the fans in Rio. Proud of our Malaysian athletes! Olympics is no joke. And winning not 1…but a total of 5 medals, is a new Olympics record for Malaysia. Team Malaysia athletes definitely did much for Malaysians to realize the true spirit of 1 Malaysia. #Rio2016 #MalaysiaBoleh

All the adrenaline rush pumping through my system past 2 nights left me waking up feeling drained today. But not for long!

It continued just after my ‘lunch break’ today (throughout which we were all super busy too). Even before the receptionist could alert me, I had panicky parents banging on my door with a fitting little girl in hand, wailing “Isn’t Dr X here today? She is usually in this room. Can you help us please. My daughter is not breathing!”
Dr X is their regular GP. I’ve never seen this child before.


Rushed them to treatment room, having no time to explain anything to the mom & son whom I abandoned mid consult without time for any explanations.

No nurse on duty on Sundays.

Luckily, child’s mom was already on the phone with ambulance by the time I placed the child in recovery position, gave oxygen, checked vitals & got my receptionist to call for help as I needed extra hands.

Assisted the paramedics for a while when they arrived, did my part in consoling the panicky mom and counselled her. It must be very scary and confusing to be in the parents’ position, when your child has had no medical problems previously!

Finally after handing over her care to the paramedics, I walked back from treatment room to my consultation room realizing how much I missed Pediatrics!


I went back to catch up on my patients…running late all the way. Stayed pretty calm while desperately trying to catch up on patients’ waiting time & yet give my best possible to address each patients’ concerns.

The patient I had to abandon mid-consultation & many more patients after them, were so understanding and patient today. Thank God!


Soon after, I had to deal with someone who was very angry for other reasons…at least they were reasonable with me attending to them without appointment.

And just when I thought I’ve caught up, I had a patient with a cut! Laceration wound needing sutures.

Thus the evening went on….catching up…as calm and composed as possible inside and out.


Finally when I was done with work for the day & making some calls to check on the status of my fitting child..I realized I was super hungry & didn’t drink any water today.

Whoever says being a GP is boring?

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