Medicos on board? Dramatic flight

The most eventful flight ever!

The announcements during safety demonstration was awesome…this Air Asia dude has a good sense of humor. At the end of it, half the people in my compartment were clapping – including yours truly😂

After a crazee day at work was trying to unwind in the flight with a snoring man to my 8o’clock & a baby screaming (probably frightened by the darkness)…1.5 hours since we took off from Melbourne.

Announcement was made looking for any nurse, paramedics, doctors or medical personnel on board to identify themselves to the crew. I noticed an air stewardess was fanning a passenger in the cubicle in front of mine. I stepped forward. Another guy dr too..and a nurse stepped forward too.

Firstly I introduced myself to the crew and was asked if I have any credentials on me? Well…can’t blame them with fake doctors & you tube dentists on the rise I guess. Told them I should have something, can I show it later? That went fine. 

Man from Adelaide to Shanghai..solo traveller. History of 2 stents…experienced chest tightness & apparently fell outside the toilet but didn’t loose consciousness. He had already popped a GTN. GCS full. BP was slightly low most likely GTN effect, improved with hydration. His tongue was super dry.

History. Physical examination.

Interesting emergency kit on board…but no pulse oxymetry or glucometre though😁 Good that the traveller had a paper with details of his condition on it (which was viewed by the other person).


Back to credentials. I rummaged through my handbag and found 1 namecard in my phone pouch & MMA life membership card. 

Now now…this is why I should carry around the little tear-off card that comes with Ahpra registration document I guess (which I received in mail few days ago – my general registration).


The crew had to fill up a form & get our details for it too. I was asked to sign as witness as the other doctor completed the document. Of course I read through before signing it. 

To which one of the crew members went like “Why are you signing as witness, aren’t you the one who attended? ” 

Me : “Ape-pe je la. Since the other doctor completed the form”.

Glad all was well🙏

640am : How wrong was I in assuming the adrenaline rush for this flight ended with that! After the most turbulent descent due to unfavourable weather, clouds & heavy rain at KLIA2…many a steep dips accompanied by ladies’ & kids’ screamings…many a sinking feeling in my tummy…and feeling like my ears are going to pop right through….and people vomiting & retching all around me….I was calmly muttering prayers in my heart.

Finally we landed! 15mins after schedule….but, AT SUBANG AIRPORT!


Awaiting all clear to ‘patah balik’ & land in KLIA2! 

825am : Safely touched down and ‘parked’ at KLIA2!

835am : Awaiting the ground door to be open. As usual, people queeing up on both aisles…ever the kiasu eh hahahaaa…I don’t understand the mentality!  Me…I’m patiently seated knowing standing up won’t hasten the door opening in any way :p 

I can hear the metal stairs being moved around the plane. We should be released soon! After 10 hours plus in here…phewwww.


845am : As I was walking out, saw the ‘uncle’. He is fine. His THANK YOU & the staffs’ byeee with an acknowledging smile and extra conversations took away my tiredness. Now…I.could so use a good cuppa coffee!! Been on coffee-fast past 1 week thanx to the flu.

But firstly, to complete this morning’s exercise of walking down these looooong loooooong corridors! 🙂

Good morning Malaysia! ! 

Your prodigal daughter has returned…once again, for a short trip (to what now seems like second home). Enough drama to kickstart the trip. Pleaseeeee let the rest of it be a sweet & drama-free one. 

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