The nice things patients say that brightens our day…

Two nice comments from patients in one day.

1/ New patient 7 yo child. I’ve seen the little sister before. 

While walking to my consultation room, overheard this conversation:

Patient mumbles

Mom : She’s a nice doctor. That’s why I’m taking you to see her.


2/ A patient I saw for the first time said to me before leaving the consultation :

I’ve seen so many doctors. But you actually tell me what you see & bother to explain. Most don’t even listen to you. Thank you.

(And she had URTI = Upper respiratory tract infection!)


And I did tell them I appreciated their kind words. 


The best compliment when I returned from 2016 year end holidays, from another regular patient who sees me:

“Oh…I’m so glad you are back. I’ve had to see someone else the other day. With you I feel more at ease. You make me calm. And you’ll be pleased to know my new year resolution is to NOT GOOGLE!”

My google-queen patient there had been keeping up that promise for the last few months of 2016 towards medical issues, but this year I’m pleased to say she has applied it to dental stuffs too. And she never fails to update me about her progress with that resolution 😉


The comment of the year (2017 is just 1 month old,  I know) from a regular patient of mine who was waiting for close to 30mins, when I apologized for the wait:

“That’s okay, darl. 

You are worth the wait.”

You, my dear kind appreciative patients, are what makes us doctors keep going on out bad hair days. We strive to deliver only the best #Qualityservice #doctoringiscaring        # towardspatientducation
Thank You!

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