OPOF – Review

My concise 1 paragraph review of this book:

“OPOF is a light read, filled with a lot more than merely one pint of frustration – wit, truth, humor, sarcasm. An entertaining bittersweet compilation of truth in the form of storytelling by MOFrust (the blogging doctor) accompanied by cartoonist doctor(s), One Pint Normal Saline (OPSN).
Overall, this is a beautiful artistic collaboration by talented Malaysian doctors, that all Malaysian doctors can relate to. An easy-read of 150 pages, this handheld book should be available in all medical school & hospital libraries.”

Now now, I wasn’t paid to write any of these. Just a fellow colleague sharing honest opinion here 🙂


One Pint of Frust – I got my hands on this book yesterday. Was hooked onto it from the introductory page written by One Pint Normal Saline (OPNS), thinking to myself I’m definitely going to revive my blog with a review of this book.

OPNS : I have to say, your wit & talent has always made me (like many others) laugh & reminiscence my own HO days (about a decade ago) & MO days. Been your fan for some years now. Especially as I am hopeless with drawings, loved to see our experiences in that form. Not just National, but your work has reached International Level long time ago! 😀

I can proudly say I’m the first overseas recipient of OPOF in person (yeayyyy), from MO Frust himself, who was in Melbourne for the past few days. Apparently the first copy that made its way to Ozzieland too. Precious ni! 

As for MO frust :
Little did I know upon knowing you as my HO that you will one day be the MOFrust and eventually the founder of Medical Mythbuster Malaysia. Wishing your dream of realizing the MMM as a TV show becomes a reality.

I started reading the book in the Metro train, on the way back from Melbourne to my suburb, halfway through the journey as soon as I got a seat. As I mentioned before, was hooked onto it from page 1…and upon reaching page 49, just before the last subchapter of chapter one, I had to get off & head to work. What a bummer….

Thanks to the lovely namecard-cum-bookmark (which I accidentally dropped while standing in train earlier & only realized as I wanted to close the book), I could bookmark the page. Phew, it is a wonder nobody trampled on them!

Would have completed OPOF yesterday night itself as a bedtime story, but had a full  on weekend away planned ahead of me, so I put it on hold. Was planning to read it on Sunday night, at the end of my last full weekend off ahead for the next few months.


Unfortunately, I cancelled my weekend away and was in bed mostly today 😦

Finished the rest of OPOF within few hours this evening, while still in bed. It was indeed a ‘Chicken Soup for Soul’ that every Malaysian doctor will find themselves nodding away to. Page after page of wit & sarcasm that is very close to our daily experiences. Although the disclaimer on hakcipta (copyright) section says these aren’t true stories, I’m sure we have all faced many similar encounters ><

Personally, it was nice to read some paragraphs in Bahasa Malaysia (as handheld book/ hardcopy) after ages too.
Though for non-Malay speakers : Fret not, as mostly they are almost immediately translated.

A book that evoked an array of emotions in me. I laughed, winced, snorted, almost cried, and as I reached the end, I was just grateful for the kind of housemanship training that I had.


I reminiscenced my own HO days in Hospital Frust which was the setting for Chapter 2 on Emergency Department (ED) by MOFrust. Though often we find people lamenting about the HO days, I myself had mostly lovely memories of my housemanship, although there were many a crazy day and nights. But at that young age of 24+ and 25, lack of sleep, and food was nothing for 18 months of training. And definitely the tagging was no biggie, though in postings like O&G I didn’t see the sun for 2 whole weeks as we entered the Labour Room way before sunrise & went home close to midnight, if not past, on some days. But all that groomed and equipped my generation (and many before and after mine) to doctor patients as we have managed over the years.
I have to rub in about this tagging issue, as this is the current in-thing among Malaysian doctors, where a yet to be HO has written a letter to Editor to one of the leading newspapers in Malaysia, complaining about the tagging practice!

I was blessed by lovely colleagues & superiors (MOs & Specialists) mostly, which puts a smile to my face when I think of my HOdays.

So much so, although during my time we had no ED rotation, I ‘graduated’ from housemanship to MO-ship, equipped with arsenals to run a whole district hospital with a team of MOs, Medical assistants, and nurses, with no in house specialists. That was where my confidence grew….in that disctrict hospital, before I returned to work with specialists and house-officers in the Paediatrics department where MoFrust did his housemanship.

I digress. Enough of my reminiscence.


I found it funny the author had to explain himself after the sarcastic comments, but knowing our society, I know it is a must! Or they will quote “This particular doctor said so-and-so”, not realizing it was meant sarcastically. These are the kind of people who take everything at face value, but when we give evidence based opinion, they would challenge us – go figure!

My only grouch is that the comics should follow immediately after or just before the relevant topics. Some of the layouts were a few pages away.

To both the authors of One Pint of Frust:

Hope to see more printed work from you both. Keep It Up & Don’t Give Up on your good work, MoFrust & OPNS – both in workforce & in the art-form.
Don’t let the online communities that often use annoying phrases like “Kipidab, Dongibap” to spread half-baked information or myths about health.

Cheers & Well done on a beautiful work in OPOF. Looking forward to more collaborative effort from both of you!

For someone who started blogging during medical school days, I concur with MO Frust, WRITING IS THERAPEUTIC! 🙂


I know not only my medical friends, but even some non medical mates follow/like both MO Frust & OPNS’ pages. If you are either of their fans, even more reason to get a copy of OPOF. Artists need encouragement. Especially when they are busy doctors come blogger/writer and cartoonists. As it is, we don’t have many doctors who write/draw.

P.S: I wouldn’t be surprised if OPOF serves as a shoulder to lean on for other frustrated and disillusioned Malaysian doctors. Keep it your good work! If you are one of those whiners though, buck up!

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  1. OPNS says:

    thank u so much!

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