Another Gift Card – Refer a GP 

About 6 month’s after receiving my own $250 worth of gift card for using the patient education tool, HEALTHSHARE, early February 2017 I received another gift card.

This time, it is for referring a colleague. $25 (10% of the original gift card value) – not bad, eh ><
Totally forgot about it, until my colleague (working in another clinic) enquired about it.  Few weeks later, someone from Healthshare contacted me verifying my details, and there it was in my email!
So, we both received gifts this time – referrer & new user.

What a lovely way to encourage GPs to use an online patient education tool. I continued using it after the first 3 months & reaping the promised reward. Not because any the carrots, in fact the gift is a once off thing. I genuinely found it useful.
It is still one of my must open pages when logging on to my work computer for the day.

Good, quality material, mostly compiled from other reliable sources, which are relevant to Australian protocols/GP setting. Instead of patients going to Doctor Google, it is always nice to give them a print-out of part of the ya-da-ya-daa we have bombarded them with in those few minutes of consultations.

My $250 was well spent while my family was down on year end holidays – food, gifts, and some stuffs for a party I hosted last Spring!

Planning to spend this one on something more lasting – a keepsake of sorts 😀

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