Latest update – of EICS, AMC Portfolio & Fee Structure

Here is the long overdue PART 3 of my IMG’s Road to Australia series:

<<Part 2 : Getting Started – of AMC forms, EICS & English test

I chose to change tracks when I was almost entering the 4th decade of my life.
I know of others who did it at an older age. How old is too old? Well, NEVER – I’d say.

Rules keep changing. 1 of the reason I stopped updating on this topic is that I was getting confused with the ever changing rules.

But if you are determined to embark on the Road to Australia, please do it sooner rather than later. You might have family situations, financial issues, and any other hurdles at all in your way. But then if we let it be, excuses will keep building up over the weeks, months, and years. Before you know it, procrastination will only end up in things changing the very next year! And then, we hear the complaints….sigh.

At that point, it is futile to get frustrated and point fingers, or worse still cursing AHPRA or AMC, often even the country! There are alot of imperfect things in the system, especially when it concerns IMGs, but my Q for the complainers is, if you come from a perfect background, WHY MIGRATE? Stay in your comfort zones.

Save up the money, and just do it – asap!


Please remember, every 1st of July, exam fees skyrocket! With each new financial year, it only goes one way. Fees & Charges

1st July 2017 onwards, they are phasing out on the EICS verification –, to be replaced with EPIC.

EPIC Fee explained.

I don’t remember paying anything for my EICS verification, and the good news is there is no expiration date for it. But if your alma mater is known to be tardy, please chase them up…bug them relentlessly until they respond to EICS.

Quoting from AMC Website:

Processing delays also occur when an overseas training institution is slow to respond or does not respond to verification requests. The AMC has compiled a list of overseas institutions that have not responded to requests or that have been particularly slow to respond. The institutions listed did not respond to more than 60% of all EICS requests sent to them from the AMC from January 2013 to December 2014. The AMC will update this list as it receives data from the Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG) on the EICS request response rates of overseas institutions.

Regardless of whether your overseas medical training institution is listed (PDF 101KB), we recommend that you contact the authorised person/s at the institution to confirm that they will complete the EICS verification request and return it to the ECFMG for processing. The ECFMG will advise the AMC of the outcome and the AMC will notify you of it by email.

Latest AMC Portfolio summarized.

P.S: This isn’t a cheap journey. Especially if you come from a country where the exhange rate burns a hole in your pockets. Don’t say that you haven’t be warned. So, please make sure you have enough emergency funds & balance back home when you are investing (that’s what I see it as) in this pathway.

Part 4: AMC MCQ -Preparation

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