A Random Stranger

After handing over my car-key for service, was in line at the coffee machine when this elderly (old-old) gentleman, X caught my eyes. The manager was personally attending to him, making him a cuppa off the Nespresso machine. X was regaling a story about his 98year old friend, this lady who…blah blah blah.

With my hot cup of wake-me-up expresso in hand, I headed to the lounge & as what most of us are guilty of doing, started scrolling my phone. All along, couldn’t help noticing X out of the corner of my eyes & unintentionally eavesdropping on their general chats.

I smiled as X took the seat opposite myself.

X    : (returning my smile) Are you a customer here?
Me : Yes, I am (shutting my phone cover)
X    : Me too.
Pause. He took his seat.
X    : Are you buying a car?
Me : Nah…servicing.
X    : Must be a pretty new car.
Me : Almost 4 year old.
X    : If you had a car as old as mine, you’d just want it to not break down anywhere. Laughs
What I don’t like is coming back with a complaint. I was here yesterday. But, well…small issue.
Me : Oh dear. What happened?
X    : looking awkward. It would be very inappropriate of me to speak about it. Look, these guys are good. It is just a small matter. I shouldn’t speak of it.

But I reckon my question scared him! He stopped speaking to me after that, and didn’t entertain my small chats much.


Well, Mr Grandpa impressed me big time! 😀

We are a generation of keyboard warriors! Very quick to comment or pass judgements, and make them viral in social medias & make a big hoo haa – a mountain out of a molehill, often. I admired X’s principle there.

I can’t remember when was the last time I made small talk to a stranger who isn’t a customer service person or because you had to. Oh no, I’m lying – there was this young-old gentleman I struck up a conversation with 2 weeks ago while queuing up at the bank. But, you get my drift? It is sooooo rare! I usually check out my social media, or catch up on reading up some interesting article when stuck in queue or am waiting for something or someone. Just like most of us – it is my phone that has my attention! Sad, uh…

Unlike the pre-technology-boom era! Where people, even strangers actually speak to each other to while away time. Nowadays it is common to see families & friends hanging out together in the physical sense, but each to his/her phone. We spend more time virtually than with one another. That is really sad when people do not value those who are in front of them, but glued to their phones instead.

Image result for family phone hang out

Seriously, we must be the most technologically evolved, yet poorest generation when it comes to real-life communications.


Back in the car showroom…

X got attention from all the staffs.

As he was leaving, manager told X, “Don’t worry, I’m sure you will bring in your car for service when you turn 100 years old.”

How sweet.


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