The Miracle of Gratitude

Thursday morning, I shared a post that appeared on my Facebook Memory from 1 year ago. Sharing the screenshots here. Kindly disregard the grammatical errors :0






In the past year, I’ve treated their 4th family member too, which makes it all of them.

This evening at work, I saw the very patient’s name on my appointment list. That did put a smile on my face 🙂

Little did I suspect after running on time till 750pm, the rest of the night would be a craze! After a maddening hour of attending to emergencies & seeing patients who took longer than their allocated 10 minutes, it was her turn. I was apologizing profusely as she was waiting more than half an hour, actually, close to an hour!

Never in my wildest dreams – such a serendipity!! On the very night after sharing the memory too – WOW!


She was in last week accompanying her husband who was unwell. That was one week into yet another nasty coughing episode (which finally almost stopped today!)
And today she brought me her homemade remedy of lemon-honey-seasalt as a get-well-soon little something (hope you have already recovered, but you can use this for the future)!
Now now, isn’t that sweetness overload? 🙂

This patient definitely made my day! Blessed I am…

She made me appreciate the law of Miracle too – GRATITUDE!

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