‘Rude’ is an understatement.

Never thought I would actually have to put this up – one day! July the 13th, 2017 is the fateful day! With the mayhem that it was, it is a wonder that it was a Thursay, and not Friday the 13th :p


Many a days, I’ve been irritated and irritated-politely ask patients to continue their conversation or pick up that call later. That wasn’t the issue today, though. Should have been NO GADGETS during consultations – I might create my own – Grrrr.


Ranting time, here goes:

She walked in with her semi-cracked-screen tablet into my room.

In the first quarter of my work shift today, within minutes of being seated, she was complaining about my colleague that I referred her to for a procedure – my RED FLAG mode was on! I defended my colleague (as per professional ethics) & in fact apologized on the other doctor’s & clinic’s behalf for her feeling that way (she claimed she was treated rudely and made to wait without having the procedure done, not once but twice).

While I was having a look at her results, asking further history, and printing out some documents, madam was meddling with her tablet while talking (mostly complaining) to me. I was irritated, thinking ‘Behaving like a teenager, who doesn’t know what respect is’, but decided to keep quiet.

While auscultating her lungs from her side, she was still holding the tablet & that is when I noticed there was a moving image of hersef on the tablet – she was viewing a video of herself she recorded earlier! And I saw my wall-mounted otoscope & opthalmoscope on her screen background!!

She finally placed her tablet down when I queried, saying that is her own recording, nothing to do with me. The video recording was still running silently.
I completed auscultation (I guess I did my job still, despite my prejudice & irritation) & 
kindly asked her to delete the video.
Sshe said it is her own thing, nothing to do with me.

I asked her to show the video to me, she showed the first file, her mouth was moving as if she was talking – but it was a silent version. Horrors of all horrors, I saw part of the comment accompanying the moving image on her tab “Hey guys, …see an X’s nose…(few sentences long – a paragraph) following that, which I couldn’t read as she hid the comment & it started playing just the silent video.

?life recording
?uploaded to social media
I masked my pissed-offness & still politely requested her to delete it NOW.
Once again, she challenged me that it has nothing to do with meI said it is unethical of her to record something in my room (during a doctor’s consultation) without my permission, as there would be background noises of our conversation.

That is when I lost it.
She : Don’t worry, I didn’t record you. I just recorded myself.
I      : sarcastically Just because I don’t have a sign up saying you can’t record, doesn’t mean you can do it.
She : rudely Yes, you don’t have a notice in here. I know my rights

I      : It is common (almost said common sense) courtesy & knowledge

She : You don’t have to worry, I didn’t say I am at this doctors

I requested her to show me the video with volume & the words she has typed (I reached out for her to show me). She hurriedly pulled her tablet away & packed it into her bag, saying “You aren’t touching my tablet!”

I firmly told her to delete it now in front of me.

She : I know my rights. You just give me my MC

That was her agenda all long for the day, which I sensed from the beginning.
I       : I can’t help you as you are rude

She stomped out saying she will see another doctor to get her MC.

Still couldn’t find the exact sign I am looking for – no use of gadgets/photos/recording during consultation (unless if you are a kid accompanying parents, then keep the volume minimal). 
This is probably the closest to what I am looking for:
No Cameras No Cell Phone No Video Sign

Source: http://www.mysecuritysign.com/fos/no-cameras-no-cell-phone-no-video-sign/sku-s-8871.as

But then again, some smart-arse might say “There is no ‘No Tablet’ sign”


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