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Easter Blessings

Not 1, but 2 patients surprised me today. Firstly, the North Indian granny who’s always with a smile and full of thank yous. Our interaction is via translation from her daughter or grand-daughter mostly. Once, she held my hand and … Continue reading

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Unhelpful or Helping Hand?

Isn’t it amazing how judgmental people can be. But, we do not live to please others. In the final analysis, it is between us and our maker. You see, when it comes to AMC, PESCI & AHPRA registration, things have … Continue reading

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The Importance of Documentation

Just finished going through the whole bunch another time. Did it earlier before work – fresh off the printer (nurse manager helped to do that) & ran through everything with our CEO. Both of them were full of praises that “So … Continue reading

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My Precious 💎🌱

10 years ago if anyone told me I’ll be buying frozen pandan leaves, I’d have laughed at their face. For the past 5 years, my heart bleeds everytime I do. Same with curry leaves (which I don’t have to buy … Continue reading

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2 down, 1 to go…

1 word…relief! KFP (paper 2) is done & dusted. Phewww… Rather than happiness, the only feeling is RELIEF ^ Thank God! It has been an agonizing 8 weeks of wait! The past 1 month especially has been very taxing. The … Continue reading

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My Furbaby

Not your typical house pet. I woke up to a special parcel today. It is official! My WWF Adopt an Elephant certificate arrived today. Yippee!! Oh, isn’t my baby so cute! 😍    Bod Thai is her name. Along with … Continue reading

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Happy International Women’s Day! 💃 #BalanceforBetter  is the IWD’s theme for 2019. Although we are in the 21st century, these are bias aplenty & gender discrimination is still rife. Lets try to make it more gender balanced world, in every fold … Continue reading

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