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Happy 1 Month-Anniversary, Global Malaysian Network!!!

This entry is a tribute to GMN. May 13th is never the same for (overseas) Malaysians! No, I’m not speaking of the infamous 13th May 1969 racial riot that’s permanently etched in history. That was 49 years ago! On 13th May … Continue reading

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The costliest jewellery

The arms of a child around your neck might be the most precious ‘jewellery’, but this quote wins hands down. Forget about diamond, gold, and all other precious stones! As I enter my 12th working year today, learnt that working … Continue reading

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How many more years of Studying?

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A 1 month old ‘history was created’ day

I don’t know if I will live to see another momentous day in Malaysia as 9th May 2018!  Often cited as the ‘true Merdeka’ for Malaysia. Kind of agree, it was Tanah Melayu that attained independence from the British! The past … Continue reading

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Confession of a GE14 Malaysian overseas voter

1 week since Malaysians created history – Confession time! I almost didn’t vote in GE14.  Knowing it was next to impossible to get my vote home in time with the short campaign period. But, everything changed! How? Thanx to this powerful … Continue reading

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Malaysian Voters Living Overseas

Malaysians living overseas who are registered voters & have returned to Malaysia for not less than 30 days in the past 5 years, why not submit your Borang 1Bs (click link to download). The irky bit is filling up the dates … Continue reading

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World Autism Awareness Day

Yesterday was April Fool’s Day. Today – Happy World Autism Awareness Day! ❤ What is to be happy about it? That we have more awareness, modalities of diagnosing Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), and early interventions to help children with autism … Continue reading

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