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Don’t ask Dr. Google, ask your GP

Who isn’t a Magician or God, by the way. But one with the knowledge and experience equipped to assist you. Sharing the link to this amazingly written article by Dr Preeya Alexander, “Doctors, not Dr Google, are the answer” Advertisements

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5 Years and Counting

1…2…3…∞ That’s me – counting my blessings. The Earth has completed 5 full cycles around the Sun since the fateful day I embarked on my 1-way ticket journey here. 25th August 2013 night – I arrived in a country where … Continue reading

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1 Down, 2 to Go

Many a times have felt like I haven’t achieved anything notable career wise. It isn’t about competing with peers, but a self-goals. Those were the days when I wanted to be a specialist by my 8th working year. It would have … Continue reading

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Renewing Malaysian Passport in Melbourne – 5 Star

After months of procrastinating for one reason or another, finally dragged myself to the Malaysian consulate-general today. Struggled to wake up in the morning after my usual night shift. So, I wasn’t there before the doors opened at 930am as planned. … Continue reading

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Advice from a Patient

Sometimes when pressed for time, we forget. But when the tables are turned and we, the carer ourselves are patients, we understand & remember these better. It always pays to be courteous and respectful, whichever side we are on. A … Continue reading

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Soul Wrenching Exams

2018.2 AKT & KFP Exams. 4 weeks on, still reeling from the shock of the exams. Life goes on, was back to work the morning after the second paper. In summary – soul-wrenching.  The trial exams by college and the … Continue reading

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The Journey Began

A lot has changed in the past few years. Now, one needs to get RACGP assessment done prior to applying for a job in local GP setting. October 2017 marked 4 years of Australian General Practice experience for me. Due … Continue reading

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