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Purpose of Life

What is the purpose of life? This question has been haunting me lately. Mid life crisis? Hhhmmm…I don’t know. The last time I had these intrusive thoughts were in mid 20s. My job is far from boring. I am blessed … Continue reading

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5 Years and Counting

1…2…3…∞ That’s me – counting my blessings. The Earth has completed 5 full cycles around the Sun since the fateful day I embarked on my 1-way ticket journey here. 25th August 2013 night – I arrived in a country where … Continue reading

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Kids Say…

Not only the darnest, but the wisest things too ❤ Personally, have learnt that one learns to live life to the fullest from those who are dying. One learns much about life itself through the innocent eyes of kiddos. Put … Continue reading

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The costliest jewellery

The arms of a child around your neck might be the most precious ‘jewellery’, but this quote wins hands down. Forget about diamond, gold, and all other precious stones! As I enter my 12th working year today, learnt that working … Continue reading

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Confession of a GE14 Malaysian overseas voter

1 week since Malaysians created history – Confession time! I almost didn’t vote in GE14.  Knowing it was next to impossible to get my vote home in time with the short campaign period. But, everything changed! How? Thanx to this powerful … Continue reading

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A Random Stranger

After handing over my car-key for service, was in line at the coffee machine when this elderly (old-old) gentleman, X caught my eyes. The manager was personally attending to him, making him a cuppa off the Nespresso machine. X was … Continue reading

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The Big-C

The year I entered Medical School… I had an aunty who was battling terminal cancer. Lost her at the beginning of that year – 2002. Hardly a month after she turned 49! It was hard to see a dynamic woman … Continue reading

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