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Malaysian Voters Living Overseas

Malaysians living overseas who are registered voters & have returned to Malaysia for not less than 30 days in the past 5 years, why not submit your Borang 1Bs (click link to download). The irky bit is filling up the dates … Continue reading

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World Autism Awareness Day

Yesterday was April Fool’s Day. Today – Happy World Autism Awareness Day! ❤ What is to be happy about it? That we have more awareness, modalities of diagnosing Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), and early interventions to help children with autism … Continue reading

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OPOF – Review

My concise 1 paragraph review of this book: “OPOF is a light read, filled with a lot more than merely one pint of frustration – wit, truth, humor, sarcasm. An entertaining bittersweet compilation of truth in the form of storytelling by MOFrust … Continue reading

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Jeans for Genes Day

The first Friday of August.  A fundraising drive towards children’s medical research in Australia. As the name suggests, it is for genetic research study. All further details available in their official website here. What is Jeans for Genes? When I first … Continue reading

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Medical Mythbusters Malaysia

Quoting a star article, “When you are feeling strange, who are you going to call?…Not Ghostbusters…but M3”. Here is the article. Very aptly named…led by a team of (ever growing I believe) Malaysian Medical Doctors (both specialists and medical … Continue reading

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Update on Immunization Schedule – An extra jab for 18 month-olds

Don’t even get me started on anti vaccine groups/advocates. A lot has been said by many quarters. Extremists shall remain so at their own risk. *** The National Immunization Registry for Australian Children has been updated again. From this month, … Continue reading

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Introducing the First & Foremost ‘instrument’ in every doctor’s armamentarium…a Stethoscope! 🙂 steth·o·scope [steth-uh-skohp]  Show IPA noun Medicine/Medical . an instrument used in auscultation to convey sounds in the chest or other parts of the body to the ear of the examiner. Origin:  1810–20; stetho- + -scope I am not promoting any particular brand here. This is my current tool 🙂 A bit of obligatory introduction: The … Continue reading

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