Welcome :)

Dear readers,

I know I do not have many yet. However…
Firstly “Hello there…WELCOME! waves to You      Yeap! You who are reading This – “THANK YOU for Reading my post(s)”.

What’s this blog about? Kindly read Intro.

Or as the summary on the main page says:

“Reflection of the Journey of a non-conforming, Medical (thus Med) Doctor who is still Discovering her Vocation within this Noble Profession. Believes Medicine is a Calling. Yet constantly trying to seek a Balanced Life, devoid of regrets. Passionate about People, Nature, Travel, Photography, and….Writing too! :D” 

– I intentionally chose the colour grey for the Font to reflect the Fact that there are alot of grey area out there in Life, not everything is Black & White. But hey! It is alright 😀

This’ why I write.


My Author Policy: 

  • All stories mentioned and people quoted in my blog are NOT fictitious. In other words, TRUE STORIES, of TRUE PEOPLE. If in any way the reader is offended, kindly alert me.
    The people mentioned either exist somewhere out there, or once did. Others may have been inspired my stories – mostly yet to come. :)

  • I will try to quote all the sources of photos shared (mostly quotes – yes! I am addicted to them) as much as possible. And I will NOT name/tag anyone in my posts – in respect of privacy. Though initials may be used, if deemed necessary.

  • I will not post photos of people : if at all I have to, that will only be with their permissions.

– I will be dedicating/paying tribute to some quarters via my writing. And they will be sure to hear from me. Are you one of those? Then you have definitely been a significant part of this Journey 🙂

Once again, TQVM to You for dropping by & the support rendered.
🙂 Do Stay Tuned… 

6 Responses to Welcome :)

  1. hi, am new to this kinda thing. you might want to check out this piece by Orwell:
    Could I pls have your email, can’t seem to find it on this page.
    Congrats on a very nice blog.

  2. nAnDy says:

    Hi yeah..honestly just came across ur blog and read ur stories..and wowww..truly inspiring..plz continue writing..
    P.s: would like to have personal chat with u, if u dont mind plz mail me.tq

  3. Desmond Tay says:

    Would like to seek for your advice on AMC exam and also pathway to work in Oz as a medical doctor.

    • drvolcanoe says:

      Hi Desmond, I have shared quite abit on the initial pathway. Things keep changing, best to keep up to date with AHPRA, AMC & Australian visa guidelines. As of now, doctors are still in the visa list, though 457 has been replaced by another visa. As for PR, that is another story altogether.
      All the best in your AMC pathway.

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